Raving Fans

Nick with some happy kids

“This is a great fundraiser that is different from the rest! Parents are not stuck buying wrapping paper or cookies or something they do not really want but they are encouraging their children to run and get healthy. All the while these amazing guys are running around your campus all day long promoting the fundraiser so you do not have to. Their lessons are short and to the point, yet they see every kid every day and promote fitness, fun and character. Everyone was involved the day of the race. Even parents came out to watch and support the school and the students. It was amazing!”

Jennifer Silva - Principal, Sundance Elementary School, Peoria, AZ.

“This is by far the BEST event we have ever done, and the easiest. As a board member, it was just phenomenal! The children are still talking about this event months later and I feel they learned great life attributes. The Teachers loved the event because they didn't have to do much and felt their children were learning. We are also now able to pay for teachers aids once again next year.”

Lisa Johnson, PTO VP of Fundraising, Anasazi Elementary, Scottsdale, AZ

“Fundraising should not be about selling useless, overpriced items. The Apex Fun Run allows students to realize that they are helping the school, and working hard for it. They learn valuable lessons in the process, such as leadership, stewardship, and working with others, and they get exercise in the process. I found the Apex Fun Run team to be very helpful, and would recommend them to other PTOs. They have very enthusiastic team members, who really encouraged the students.”

Kate Kozak, PTO President, Sechrist Elementary, Flagstaff, AZ

“This was our first time working with Apex Fun Run. We did not know what to expect. As a matter of fact, we really considered doing this on our own at first. However, Apex made it so easy for us as a PTA and that was what we were looking for. As parents, we are busy with our kids, work, home, etc., and to add a huge fun run to our list of things to do was overwhelming. Apex made it easy and worth our time and money. They have all the necessary tools in place to be able to pull it off and for us, that was worth it.”

Tina Washburn, PTA President, Eagle College Prep Elementary, Phoenix, AZ

“The group was extremely organized, professional and sincere and brought both a good message to our students and a "simple" way to address fitness and raise PTO funds. The results in the classroom and in the bank were fantastic.”

Jeff Quizberg, Principal, Scottsdale, AZ

“I've been a part of a lot of fundraisers and Apex is by far the best and easiest solution that keeps more money for the school and community, all while actually teaching our kids valuable leadership skills. I know the Apex team personally and they live out leadership in and out of the school. Even if my school had a fundraiser already scheduled, I'd still recommend teaming up with the Apex crew...it's worth it.”

-Dr. Russell Marshall, President of Arrow Educational Services Texas Region 10 Superintendent of the Year

“Apex Fun Run combines the essential elements needed for success. Leadership, teamwork, fitness, and enthusiasm are some of the qualities that have helped me succeed on the PGA Tour. I believe in what Apex Fun Run is doing and I think that it is a great investment in our youth!”

-Kevin Streelman, PGA Tour player and winner of the 2009 Kodak Challenge

“Instilling great qualities in our children all while supporting the school in our fundraising efforts is a great combination. We look forward to working with Apex Fun Run back in our school as soon as possible.”

-Dave Zylstra, Principal at OHCS, WA

“We place great importance on strong character, which is the essence of Apex Fun Run. For two weeks, the Apex team dedicates themselves to serving your school by building leaders. They really believe that every child can change the world, and that becomes evident when you hold your first fun run.”

-Jeff Sandefer, Co-Founder of the Acton Academy, TX

“The staff was amazing, and the energy they brought was tangible! Students and parents alike have had a wonderful experience. Thank you!”

-Eric Garland, Administrator, Flagstaff Christian Community School