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Franchisee Options

About The Fun Run

A Fun Run is an Event where you earn money for a cause. By following our simple 4-step process, we will help you create an awesome Fun Run.

Typically it will be the school name and Fun Run eg: Avondale Elementary Fun Run

About The Cause

If you are raising money for a non-profit, check the option below. You can enter the legal name or tax id of that non-profit in the tex box below.

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What if I cannot find my non profit ?

What if I can't find my non-profit

I still cannot find my non profit

Donations given to this event will be processed through FirstGiving and directed to the non-profit through FirstGiving.

Funds are handled via WePay. If you don't already have a WePay account, you will receive a separate email from WePay to confirm your online payment account.

Set Up Your Units

Enter singular names of unit and participant. Eg: For a Jog-a-thon,a single unit will be lap and participant will be called a Jogger. Pledges will be made to jogger per lap.

(e.g. between 15 and 30 laps) Enter your minimum units first and we will suggest a maximum. In order to maximize giving keep the range as accurate and narrow as possible. Values cannot be changed later since sponsors will be paying based on these amounts.

(For example, a $1 per {{Event.Item.Unit | lowercase}} pledge would be between {{Event.Item.Min_Participant_Units | currency}} - {{Event.Item.Max_Participant_Units | currency}}.)

Let's review: in order to reach your {{Event.Item.Fundraising_Goal | currency}} goal, each {{Event.Item.Participant_Title | lowercase}} needs to raise {{Event.TargetPledgePerUnit | currency}} per {{Event.Item.Unit | lowercase}}.

You're almost done!

The easiest way to share your event is to email your friends the URL http://www.apexfunrun.com/{{Event.Item.EventUrl}}?participant={{Event.ParticipantId}}

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We would love to connect with you...

We would love to connect with you...